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set up emails to be sent after you are gone.

absolutely free.

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you die

How does it work?

1. Set up messages

No registration needed. You can set up messages to be sent after you die, just follow the steps on the form.

2. Proof of Life

We will send you quarterly emails to check you are still alive, until you fail to prove that you are still around us.

3. Execution

Once you fail to prove that you are still alive, we will execute and send all the messages you left (via e-mail).

set up emails to be sent after you are gone

no registration needed

absolutely free.



"It was great to be able to set up individual instructions for each of my brothers, to be sent after I die, if that happens. When duty calls, the brave answer."


"In a way is comforting to know that my kids will read me after I'm dead, there are some things that a mother needs to say. It got me thinking about how to live my day to day life."


"Sometimes keeping a secret is really important, even as important as revealing it when the time is right. After scheduling this message, a huge burden was lifted from my chest."

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